In 2018, chk Ithaca Studio was founded with the hope of introducing children and adults to the world of fine art, animation and film. Our goal is to extend the imagination of children and develop their creativity by showing them, the vast range of visual arts and teaching them, the appropriate methods to express their ideas.  The children can become fearless and confident individuals by expanding their knowledge, experimenting with different mediums and finally, creating artworks which will be a reflection of themselves.

Art is a journey to the soul.

The studio can produces animations, ads and films upon request. Please contact us via phone (if you reside in Cyprus), or email if you live abroad to get a quote.

The studio offers classes for children (over the age of 4) and adults. The curriculum includes fine art (life drawing, painting, sculpting etc.), puppets, crafts and model-making as well as, animation (cel animation,vector animation and more) and film.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to get a quote.

Please feel free to snoop around our website! 

You can view the studio’s portfolio which includes films, animations, storyboards, concept art, drafting and model-making; you can start by watching our show-reel above!  Alternatively, you can check our page ”Voices echoing in my mind”, which includes articles and essays about the visual arts.