About Us


Christina Konstantinou is a passionate artist working in the fields of animation, film, photography and fine art.

She studied Animation (BA) at Birmingham City University (2011 – 2014) where she specialised on stop – motion animated films, puppet, set and prop design.

After completing her BA, she studied Film Production: Production Design (MA) at Arts University Bournemouth (2015 Р2017) and graduated with Distinction. At Arts University Bournemouth she had the opportunity to become familiar with set design, visual language, technical drawings, model Рmaking, prop fabrication and aging techniques.

Throughout her studies, she worked on numerous short films which include live action, stop motion and cut – out animation. Apart from a designer, she was assigned on a few projects as a director and a cinematographer. In addition, she has worked as a concept and storyboard artist, character designer and is skilled in drawing, painting, crafting and sculpting.

In 2018, she founded chk Ithaca Studio and has been working as an educator and a freelancer, making films, writing stories and creating artwork. In 2019, the studio produced its first film, the short animation Can You Eat Plastic?, which was shown in festivals across Europe and won at festivals in Cyprus and Greece.

In January 2020, she started studying a PhD in Modern Languages & Cultures at the University of Glasgow with a thesis regarding the concept of reality in surrealist cinema, entitled Surrealism, Dreams and Other Realities: An Analysis of Imaginary Spaces in Cinema and their Contribution to Metaphysics.