A World of Broken Men (2017)

Skills: concept art, drafting, model – making (props, puppets and sets), storyboards, cinematography (photography and lighting).

A World of Broken Men is a personal project, which is still under development; the desirable outcome is a short stop motion film.

The film is inspired by the themes of confinement and isolation that exist in the poems Walls (1896-97) and Windows (1897) by Greek poet C. P. Cavafy.

The story is greatly influenced by the films of Jan Švankmajer, Quay Brothers, and the literary work of Franz Kafka and George Orwell.

At the moment, I have been able to storyboard its teaser trailer entitled Broken Man, design the main character of the story, create concept art and four boxes/installations that demonstrate the mood of the film. The boxes showcase the visual style and mood of the film, and present the environment in which the story takes place. Each installation is a synthesis of a still frame of the animation, which captures a pivotal moment of the storyline.


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