Captain Fierce (2016)

Skills: production design, location scouting and managing, prop master (aging and model – making techniques).

Captain Fierce is a short film directed by Kai Axmacher, and produced by the Bournemouth Film School. The films tells the story of two teenagers, who wish to run away and venture into a new life, travelling around the world.

Apart from production design, one of my duties during the production of this film, was the transformation of a new boat to an old one. Furthermore, I was required to age many props as well as, find and manage locations.

Directed by: Kai Axmacher – Written by: Chriss Fletcher & Kai Axmacher – Produced by: Xiaman Sun & Huiling Su – Director of Photography: Wararak Thienkunakorn –  Editor: Rawee Piriyapongsak – Costume Designer: Kristina Raidma – Sound Designer & Composer: Guy Dowsett

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